Media Have High Praise For Roxanna


“Roxanna, I love your incredible voice, lyrics, and intonation. ‘Exotica’ is a great album! I am extending the invitation and I would love to sing several songs with you. With that all being said, let’s get busy! I love your work and I am big fan.” – Jermaine Jackson

“Roxanna is a rare find in the music industry, not only does she have a phenomenal voice but she writes and produces too. Like Roxanna her music is an irresistible force that picks up the listener, instantly transporting them to a rare and sensual place rich in timeless elegance and joie de vivre!” – James Scott

“…Roxanna and her songs have emotive impact compatible with reality…” – Indie Musicians Artists

“From start to finish this latest release from Roxanna entitled Exotica is a consistent, beautiful and powerful catalogue of music.” – Indie Music Digest

“Roxanna’s debut CD entitled “Exotica” truly extols all that is special about life, straight from the heart of a beautiful person, sung from the voice a beautiful woman, behind the backdrop of some beautiful music.” – Rock N’ Roll View

“The album’s seductive allure, however, is not the focus nor is it the extent of Roxanna’s abilities, it is simply a byproduct of her ravishing vocals.” – AXS

“One of the strongest new voices to come out over the last year belongs to a lovely woman known professionally as Roxanna.” – Pontiac Daily Leader

There is a lush and cinematic feel to the sound, one that should lend itself to radio play here. Add striking beauty to her strong vocals and you have the recipe for real success for Roxanna.” – New Canadian Music

Exotica is full of passion and vivid emotions. Roxanna shares her loss of love, gaining new ones and a lot of life experiences in a great vocal album.” – BVS Reviews

Roxanna is indeed following in the grand footsteps of music greats like Gloria Estefan and Annie Lennox. Her voice covers all ranges and is an inspiration for people with dreams the world over.” – Write A Music Review

On first listen, the striking thing about Roxanna is easily her voice, as well as her effortless ability to capture your attention with it.” – Music Tap

I had never heard of Roxanna until I took on this CD review, but I must say I have loved every song on the album, and if you are a jazz lover like myself, then you will absolutely love Exotica. In fact, I’d argue that anyone who enjoys love songs and relaxing music would fall in love with Roxanna.” – The Celebrity Café

“The single “Close Your Eyes” is a pop effort where the singer’s strong vocals set it apart from other similar songs.” – Pop Culture Guy