New review of Exotica on BeachSloth


Roxanna’s “Exotica” is a lush collection full of rich instrumentation. From the silky smooth vocals to the intricate arrangements Roxanna shows how to do pop music properly. A variety of styles are used to achieve this pop perfection, from chamber pop to delicate jazz. Such an extensive palette of sound helps to show off Roxanna’s wide range. Roxanna’s voice remains the centerpiece of every song with the adornment comfortably orbiting around her. Roxanna’s songs are stories and her narrative sensibilities are found on every piece. By focusing on storytelling Roxanna is able to give the music an emotional core.

The album starts up with the inviting “Only You” complete with sweeping strings, playful hand claps and Roxanna’s intoxicating voice. Optimism fuels “Close Your Eyes” and makes it one of the cheeriest songs on the entire collection. “Hello” is light on its feet. With gradual evolution Roxanna’s vocal delivery feels particularly intimate. Crystal clarity defines “El Amor” which is the collection’s highlight. The execution is perfect. With everything falling into place the song serves as the heart of the collection. “Here With Me” slows things down considerably serving as an introspective piece complete with a great deal of spaciousness. “Fresh” follows on the relative quiet of “Here With Me” before blooming into polychromatic splendor. Towards the end of the collection Roxanna’s voice gains greater prominence as the music is lifted up by the strength of her voice.

“Exotica” is a remarkably accomplished and tasteful collection.