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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 12:04
Written by Haley Bianco

Canadian artist, Roxanna, inspires Americans with her latest pop album “Exotica.” On the album fans will experience a strong accompaniment of string orchestration, jazz, Spanish influences and Flamenco beats. “My songs are all written about true stories and events that happened in my life, so I think that makes my sound even more powerful,” said Roxanna.

Roxanna writes her music with devotion to lost love and music’s power to heal. “It is music you listen to when you want to escape,” she said. Roxanna describes her sound as “lush, luxurious and romantic.” Out of the 15 songs on “Exotica,” she said her top three favorites are “Beautiful Rose,” “Unforgotten” and “Here With Me.” “My song ‘Here With Me’ is dedicated to my mother and is such a beautiful story of her and my father’s love,” said Roxanna. “I think that song will always be one of my very favorites.”

On the album, Roxanna collaborated with award winning trumpeter, Chris Botti. Botti’s jazz sound is featured in “Here With Me.” The music video was released last week and stars Soap actor, James Scott as the leading man alongside Roxanna.

November has been a big month for the singer, with the video release of “Here With Me” and the airing of her PBS special, “ROXANNA: EXOTICA LIVE.” It premiered on Nov. 15 in the Detroit metro area and Western and Central Canada. “The special got such a fantastic response that they are releasing it in additional markets and I have now confirmed I will be doing a few special performances in Detroit, Toronto and Buffalo,” said Roxanna.

Her next show will be in Detroit on April 25, 2015. Roxannamusic.com offers more details about upcoming performances.

Roxanna continues to expand her sound into the U.S. and other countries. Just recently, when in Aruba, she was thrilled to hear her music on the radio. She urges listeners to “keep on believing in yourself and repeat the words which may sound impossible—you can make them happen.”